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Mother’s Day Celebration

Honouring Mothers at PCHS

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mother’s as well as motherhood. It is celebrated in

many parts of the world, but often given a different name. On this day, many people give their mothers gifts such as flowers, jewelry, clothing, and other tokens of appreciation

to show how much their mothers mean to them.

Not only mothers, but appreciation and love is also shown towards grandmothers on this day, as they are role models for their children and grandchildren. Mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers and fathers all play very significant roles in their children and grandchildren’s

lives and it is important to show appreciation and gratitude towards them.

To celebrate such an important day like Mother’s Day, the Sahara Seniors Group went out for lunch at R.K. Sweets on Thursday May 16th, where they socialized over a tasty meal. The

seniors really enjoyed this outing, as it gave them a chance to engage in conversation with others as some do not often get this opportunity.

This type of event improves their mental health, as it is different from their daily routines, provides a chance for them to share their stories, as well as interact and engage in conversation with others.

Above all, it is important to not only celebrate and appreciate mothers on Mother’s Day, but also grandmothers as they both play important roles in children’s lives through the telling

of stories and teaching life lessons from experience. Mothers and grandmothers should be appreciated every day for all that they do, not just on Mother’s Day.

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