Our Programs

Domestic Violence

Women who escape domestic violence are mainly looking for safety before food, and usually, they don’t flee alone, they have their children with them.

Although we provide the victims with shelter, food, clothing and everything else that comes with it, PCHS is different, we also provide safety, emotional support, and a program that helps the victims and their families grow and flourish, and ensure it’s done through a culturally sensitive lens that provides with love and dignity.


Youth Hub

Youth are the future, and at PCHS we want them to grow to become an integral and integrated part of the Canadian community while honoring their roots, culture and values.

PCHS youth hub is the place and space where we put the energy of our youth to work to turn them into volunteers and productive and impactful parts of our communities.

We provide them with leadership and mentorship opportunities that grows their skills to support their communities through schools, universities and beyond.


Mental Health & Addictions

At PCHS we have a holistic view of mental health and addictions. We are fully aware that when both those challenges affect an individual, they also affect their family and their community as a whole. We also believe that solutions to those challenges are not only provide to the individuals suffering from those conditions but also include a process of support and rehabilitation to the families and communities providing that extended support.

We, at PCHS, do it all by keeping in mind the need for a culturally appropriate approach grounded in hope, recovery, empathy, respect and self-determination.



Homelessness is a pressing issue in the GTA, and it is particularly painful in proud south Asian communities that feel let down by their own.

Whether homelessness is a result of old age, mental health, addiction of domestic violence, we believe it’s an issue that deserves to be tackled uniquely in our communities.

We, at PCHS, do not want the stigma of homelessness to tarnish the growth potential for anyone in our communities, and with your help we will create evolving programs that will eradicate it and support the affected individuals to get them back on their feet and into the safety and warmth of a place they can call home.  


Senior Services 

Seniors are some of the most vulnerable community groups that PCHS provides support for. Their issues vary between care-providing, homelessness, hunger and neglect.

They need to specifically be handled with love and compassion as they usually feel alienated by barriers of language, new culture and disappointment.

At PCHS, we don’t deal with them as clients, we embrace them with all the love, care, and support they need as if they were our own parents, and we hour their presence and ask for their blessings to support our journey of giving back.

Langar on wheels is one of the most rewarding initiatives that we started at PCHS, watch our video and listen to the giggles and love that we get everyday when we deliver home cooked meals to our amazing seniors.


Education & Health Awareness

PCHS plays a unique role in the communities in wirks within. This role revolves around knowledge transgfer and education to ensure that families heal as a whole and contribute and integrate within their sourroundings regardless of the circumstances or hardships. PCHS provides education and Awareness on the following:

  • Parenting in Canada

  • Understanding Canada’s health care system

  • Understanding and dealing with addiction issues

  • Dealing with mental illness

  • Tips on Relationship Building

  • Providing solutions to Husband wife conflict  

  • Educating self – management on diabetes

  • Awareness on heart disease

  • Education and awareness on cancer screening